This service makes sure your bike is road worthy! 

  • Brakes & Gears: Serviced and checked for wear, set to correct ratio 
  • Chain: Tensioned
  • Frame & Forks: Visual check and wipe down
  • Tyres: Checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure
  • Wheels: Hubs and Rims checked for damage, wear and minor wheel truing
  • Headset: Checked for wear, adjust if necessary/possible
  • Bottom Bracket: Checked for free movement and wear adjust if necessary
  • Bolts and Nuts: Checked and tightened to correct torque setting

Level 1 Service £45 - Recommended every 3 to 6 months, depending on usage

Level 3 Service £199 - Full Strip Down

Level 2 Service £79 - Recommended for commuters

Level 1 Service £45

  Full strip down, Recommended every 12 to 18 months,depending on usage, includes all cables to be replaced.

Level 1 Service plus Level 2:

Frame & Forks: Cleaned and checked for alignment and damage, threads cleaned 

re-threaded(if necessary) .Frame and disc mounts faced (if applicable).

Gears & Brakes: Cables replaced inner and outers, derailleur hanger tracked.

Wheels: Free hub body and bearings disassembled cleaned, degreased ,spokes trued and tensioned.

Chain and Cassette: Fully degreased and greased back on , check for wear and refitted.

Bottom Bracket:  Removed, cleaned, regreased, condition of thread checked and rethreaded if

 necessary and refitted and checked for free movement and adjust if 


Electric Bicycle Service Centre

Our mechanics are certified Bosch Electric Systems and Shimano e-Bike Systems technicians

  • Full diagnostic service 
  • Bosch e-Bike service
  • Bosch e-bike software update
  • Shimano e-Bike service
  • ​Electric Bike Spares 
  • ​Shimano Steps software update

​  Popular for Commuters)Recommended every 6 to 9 months depending on usage.

Level 1 Service Plus:

Headset: Removed, degreased(if applicable),cleaned, refitted and checked for free movement

Hubs: Front and rear hubs inspected for wear, and play, if necessary retighten and readjust

Deeper cleaning on whole bike            ​