electric bicycle service center

At Bike House our Mechanic has been trained  and qualified by Bosch Electric Systems and Shimano e Bike Systems , we can provide you with a full diagnostic service, fault finding , update your bike, this is a very vital for all electric bikes, the update costs £25

We service Bosch Electric Bikes 

We service Shimano Electric Bikes

​We do hold Electric Bike Spares 

Bosch E-bike software update

​Shimano Steps software update

Bicycle service

Bicycle service Cost

Local Bicycle Service

Recommended every 12 to 18 months,depending on usage, 
includes all cables to be replaced.
Level 1 Service plus Level 2:

Frame & Forks: Cleaned and checked for alignment and damage, threads cleaned 
re-threaded(if necessary) .Frame and disc mounts faced (if applicable).
Gears & Brakes: Cables replaced inner and outers, derailleur hanger tracked.
Wheels: Free hub body disassembled cleaned, degreased ,spokes trued and tensioned.
Chain and Cassette: Fully degreased and degreased , check for wear and refitted.
Bottom Bracket: Removed,cleaned,regressed, condition of thread checked and rethreaded if necessary and refitted and checked for free movement and adjust if necessary 

Level 3 Service £99

 Recommended every 3 to 6 months, depending on usage.
 This service makes sure that bike is road worthy. 

Brakes & Gears: Serviced and checked for wear, set to correct ratio. 
Chain: Tensioned.
Frame & Forks: Visual check and wipe down.
Tyres: Checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure. 
Wheels: Hubs and Rims checked for damage and wear,Minor wheel truing. 
Headset: Checked for wear, adjust if possible and necessary.
Bottom Bracket: Checked for free movement and wear adjust if necessary.
Bolts and Nuts: Checked and tightened to correct torque setting.

Bicycle Service and Repair

Recommended every 6 to 9 months depending on usage.

 Level 1 Service Plus:

Headset: Removed, degreased(if applicable),cleaned, refitted and checked for free movement
Hubs: Front and rear hubs disassembled, bearings removed, degreased(if applicable),cleaned 
and replaced if necessary, regressed,fitted and adjusted.

Level 1 Service £39

Level 2 Service £65